I started listening to Adventures In Odyssey when I was 5 or 6, and more than ten years later, I still adore it. It’s a brilliant pro...

Shipping Saturdays: Penny and Wooton from Adventures and Odyssey

I started listening to Adventures In Odyssey when I was 5 or 6, and more than ten years later, I still adore it. It’s a brilliant program, has some of the best lessons, characters, villains, and storytelling you’ll ever find.

Speaking of storytelling, major spoilers ahead if you haven’t heard the last album, The Ties That Bind. Just a note.

Aaaand back to fangirling.

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I’ve loved Wooton since he first came on as the rather eccentric but totally sweet mailman. I loved his childish heart, his sweet love for the Lord, and his willingness to help anyone in need. I loved his big-brother/fatherly relationship with Grady McKay (whom I really want back, if any AIO writers happen to read this), his house with a slide for the back door, and his love for licorice almost made me love it.

But not quite.

Image from aiowiki.com

Penny’s a little nutty, more or less the female version of Wooton. However, she’s as sweet as they come and very good for comic relief. Admittedly, it took me a bit to get used to her, but once I did, I loved her almost as much as Wooton.

Now for them together.

One of my favorite things about Penny and Wooton is that they never really dated. Sure, they became friends during The Green Ring Conspiracy, and they’ve grown closer over the last few albums, but it was never like “Oh yeah. Those two are together.” It has been kind of hinted that they like each other, but in an adorably childlike way, since they both seem to have the innocence of 9-year-olds. All-in-all, there’s just something very precious, very pure about their whole relationship, and it makes me love them all the more.

Admittedly, I am jumping the gun a little bit here. For one thing, as far as I can tell, they never technically dated. Although it’s clear Wooton is smitten, and when asked why she went to Comic-Connellsville, Penny said, “Because Wooton is into all this comic stuff and I’m into things that Wooton is into.” Which, you know, is enough to make my fangirl heart fall head over heels in feels...

But anyway...

I decided to go ahead and do a post about them because of the end of the last episode. When *SPOILER ALERT* 
Wooton proposed to her.

From giphy.com
I totally did not see this coming. I liked them as people and even as a couple, but somehow, I didn’t see a wedding in the making. Maybe because of the childlike innocence I mentioned earlier; maybe because I wasn’t even sure they were more than friends. But whatever the reason, when Wooton popped the question (in the sweetest, most adorable way, too) I felt ready to fall outta my chair, fangirl screaming.

Of course, it surprised Penny, too. All she could say was, “What?!” and then the episode ended.

So I don’t know. Maybe there isn’t a wedding in the making. Maybe when they finally come out with Album 59, Penny will have said no and trampled all over Wooton’s poor little heart. 

But, occasionally I can be an optimistic individual and I have decided to believe that Penny will not break his heart, that she will say yes, and they will get married.

Mostly because I freaking ship them with all of my freaking fangirlness.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who listens to AIO and loves them together! I am in desperate need of a fangirling friend! So pretty please with chocolate on top leave a reply below, and I shall see you, my lovelies, in the comment section.

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  1. Yes I love AIO!!! And I am not shocked, but have been wondering "when?"! I'm so happy! They've got to let them stay together. I hate what they did with Mitch and Connie :'(

    1. I KNOW RIGHT???!!! I still wish Connie and Mitch were together! Really, that canNOT happen to Wooton and Penny.

  2. Awww! I've listened to some AIO but never really a lot of it....it's definitely on my list for when I have time, though, since I've liked what I've heard. And these two sound ADORABLE. I kind of ship it already.

    1. They are awesome! And yes, you should totally listen when you get the chance. You can actually hear ones from the last week online if you go to their website whitsend.org.


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