And it’s not even a throwback. Oh well. Happy late Thanksgiving everyone! Hope you had an awesome day and ate lots of awesome food. ...

Throwback Thursday... on a Friday

And it’s not even a throwback. Oh well.

Happy late Thanksgiving everyone! Hope you had an awesome day and ate lots of awesome food.

Today is Black Friday, obviously, but I’m ignoring that because I’m not shopping; I’m continuing the blog series I’ve been doing all month. Although technically today’s story is more of a Where-Are-They-Now than a throwback.

You might recall the horror I posted on the first Thursday of this month. You know, the one about the poor orphan boy on his birthday, bawling his eyes out? Yeah, well I’ve spent three years off-and-on editing that story, and today, I’m posting the revised version of the prologue. I scrapped most of it, but the basis of the scene is still the same, just lengthened and better-written. Hopefully this piece, now entitled Sketchy Moments, will be less painful for all of us than the last few weeks have been.



I peer at the pictures in the locket, clutching the necklace in my fingers, as if memorizing my parents' faces can bring them back. Holding the images in my head, I close my eyes and shut out reality, creating a dreamworld where they still live.

It's like I can hear my mom laughing, see my dad smirk as we share an inside joke. Yeah, I don't know if they were anything like that, but so what? This is my imagination; I don't have to make things accurate or real.

And anyway, a lot of my life is a little too real.

“Andreas! You in there?”

Cringing against the covers on my bed, I stuff the gold, heart-shaped locket under my pillow. Devon is my best friend, but I'm not sure even he would get why I keep such a girly piece of jewelry.

He opens the door and strides in, a grin shining on his dark face as always. “Hey, DrĂ©. You all right?”

I roll my eyes, but smile at the same time. Devon's used my middle name since the second I told him about it, and I never cared enough to ask him to quit. “Yeah. I'm fine.”

“Good.” He nods, clapping his hands together. “Cause we're gonna play some football in the yard. You coming?”

I scoff. Yeah, right. Like I'd be caught dead playing football. Matter of fact, the second I stepped foot out there, they'd make sure I was as good as dead.

“C'mon, just this once?” He winks and laughs. “I'll even make sure the bully boys leave you alone.”

If Devon had to deal with the “bully boys” as much as I do, he wouldn't be such a chucklefest. “Yeah?” I ask, eyebrows raised. “And how exactly are you gonna do that?”

“No idea! But when I figure it out, I'll let you know.”

I scoff and shake my head. “Thanks, but no thanks. Besides, I got a meeting in a few.”

“With some prospectors?”

“If you mean possible fosters, who else? Not that they'll be interested after the meeting,” I shrug, “but whatever.”

Devon shakes his head and the smile flickers off. “Don't sell yourself short, dude. You're a ton cooler than you look. And than you act. And–”

“Well gee, thanks, Devon. I knew I could always come to you for comfort.”

He smirks. “You'd better believe it. Sure about that football?”


“But– ”

“No means no, Devon.”

“Fine, fine.” He laughs. “Then I'll see ya later, little wuss.”

I can't help it: a frown creeps across my face as the door closes behind him. I know Devon was joking, but still, it's not strictly fun to have my best friend remind me that everyone else here thinks I'm weak. That when they use words like “wuss,” they're all downright sincere.

Can't imagine how bad it'd be if someone found out about my locket. I'd be the biggest baby on the block – and worse – till I age out and ditch this stinkin' Kids' Home.

That day can't come soon enough.

Before I leave to meet my “prospectors,” I pull the locket out, taking a final look at my long-dead parents. Then I snap it shut, locking myself inside with them.


So what did you think? I’m about to start querying, so I’d love any comments you have to offer. 

Also, this is my last post for November, and that matters because NaNoWriMo is almost over. So we’re done with the throwback thing. Hope you enjoyed. :)

Starting next Saturday, I’ll have a weekly post on Verbosity Book Reviews, so my Shipping Saturdays will be even more erratic. Pretty much, I’ll do them whenever I’ve got a ship that I just have to share with you all, but they won’t be regular posts. Nonetheless, you can still check me out every weekend on Verbosity, where I will be, as the title suggests, reviewing books.

All right, I’ll shut up now. Let me know your thoughts on the prologue! Ciao!

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  1. I thought it was pretty interesting...enough so I was intrigued and wanted more :)

  2. This is very good! It leaves me with questions. Like, how did his parents die, and why does he think nobody will want him? And I like how you tied the beginning and ending of the prologue together with the locket.


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