Wow. It seems absolutely insane for me to think that we’re heading into summer! To me, it doesn’t seem like we should be anywhere near that...

Spring 2019

Wow. It seems absolutely insane for me to think that we’re heading into summer! To me, it doesn’t seem like we should be anywhere near that yet (it’s literally still February, you guys). And yet… here we are. School is out for most people, the air is one of sweet vacations and changing weather, later nights and fuller days.

Speaking of, what has been filling my days?

I wish I could say something different than what I’ve said in every other life update since 2017, but I’m in a stage in life where you just keep doing the same thing over and over, because you know that what you’re doing isn’t repetitive, it is building, it will get you somewhere, and eventually you’ll look down and see that you’ve created an incredible skyscraper. But right now, it feels like you just pasted that same stupid brick into place two seconds ago, and why in all of Heaven and Earth am I doing it again? You can’t look down, because you know how far you’ve come isn’t as far as you’d like to be; and you can’t look up because there’s still so far to go.

But progress is happening, slowly but surely: I finished one semester and began another for the summer. For those who may not know, I go to college only part-time, so I’ve been trying to take a few classes in the summer to help make up the difference. I’m more than halfway through getting my Associate Degree (WHICH WAS INCREDIBLY EXCITING TO REALIZE) and could finish with that part within the next year to 18 months, depending on how many classes I take in upcoming semesters. It will be incredibly exciting to have my whole life back and determine whether or not I’m going to take this school thing further, and—if I am—where I go with it.

I’ve been working on developing an actual writing schedule, so I can write regularly again. I didn’t have one of those when I started writing seriously (there was always time back then), but writing has really fallen by the wayside since I started college and a regular working schedule, and I desperately need that to change. I’m still plugging away on the foster care story, Low Expectations, which I’ve been working on since I was 14, but it’s not my main main focus right now. I’ll definitely publish it one day—I have not given up on it!—but I’m letting it simmer for now. For a long time, I felt like there was something I was waiting for, something I needed before I could work on it again, but I wasn’t sure what it was (don’t I sound like a real artist. :p). I’m still not sure what it is I was waiting for, but I think I’m close, and once I’ve got it, this project will be ready. I just have to be patient. :p

In the meantime of being patient, I’ve started working on a new project. New projects haven’t been a consistent thing for me in years, so I’m very excited about it: it’s a retelling of Cinderella, and I recently had a breakthrough that means I’m almost finished with the first draft! I’m in love with these characters, and I’m not ashamed to say that I really think they’ll be something amazing.

Here’s a funny snippet with no context whatsoever, so as to avoid spoilers.

“This is an awful idea.”

Sirion threw a glance over his shoulder, eyeing his brother’s downcast gaze. “Gideon, the time to say that would have been two or three days ago.”

“I did say it then.”

“But you still came.”

“Only because I knew you would go without me.”

Sirion snorted. “I would not have, and you know it. You came because you are as curious as I, yet you want the privilege of being able to say, ‘I told you so!’ when this inevitably goes wrong.”

“So you admit that it will go wrong?”

Sirion shrugged, for the first time in what felt like years, readopting his little brother swagger. “I admit that it is very likely, considering our activities and their consequences if we are caught. But… we are not guaranteed to be caught.”

And a little later in the story:

Sirion wiped his sweaty palms on his doublet as he rounded the corner to his parents’ quarters. Gideon was already standing at the opening of the wide, white corridor, as though waiting for him.

In one hand, Gideon gripped his sword; the other, he reached out for Sirion. Sirion returned the gesture, gripping his brother’s forearm tightly. “Whatever we face,” Gideon said, “we do it together.”

Sirion swallowed the guilt in his throat and forced out a croaking. “Agreed.”

Gideon’s mouth twitched, but then the boys both turned to face the foreboding, velvet curtain that descended from the ceiling. It was meant to be intimidating, to curtain off the the king and the queen, to separate the royals from the rest of the public, from even their children.

Their left hands gripped the swords at their hilts, their right hands swept the curtains apart, and together they swept through.

They found their parents in full royal gear. King and Queen looked their sons up and down, nodded once. “Good,” their mother said. “You came prepared.”

Oh, these brothers! Gideon is the classic Cinderella prince; Sirion is the actual main character of my story. Or one of two. Everyone knows Cinderella and the prince’s story, so I’m not focusing so much on them. I’ve had this idea of some different perspectives simmering in my head for a few years now, so I’m glad to finally flesh them out and see what they’ll show me.

Despite Sirion’s freer attitude in the first snippet, this song is probably more descriptive of his generally mental state.

He’s a complex boy and he—and the other main character, Laelia—are set to learn a lot throughout the story. It’s going to be fun! For me anyway.

I’ve also started taking pictures of myself. I haven’t been able to keep up with it everyday, as I’d originally planned, but I’ve gotten at least one or two a week, since I started the challenge on May 16th. On May 26th, I got a picture that I actually liked, and it’s been fairly enjoyable since then. I’ve never particularly liked pictures of myself, but through this semi-challenge, I think I’m at least growing accustomed to me looking like me, lol. Eventually, I may even enjoy it. 😉 Here’s one I took earlier this week.

That's all for me lately! What have you all been up to? How's writing coming? Any big plans for the summer? Can't wait to hear from you, and I will see you in the comment section!

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  1. I love that picture of you--so pretty! <3

    And those snippets are FANTASTIC. <3

    1. Aww, thank you so much!!! <3

      THANKS!! I so much love those boys!

  2. I don't always comment on your posts but I do always listen to the music.
    It's neat that you're still working on the story you started with when you were fourteen. I gave up on my first story, and just printed it for my family because I realized that it would never be publishable like it was, and I wasn't willing to change it a lot to make it publishable.
    I remember a while ago, you saw my review of this book and thought it looked interesting, and I saw that the book is free today so you might want to check it out.

    1. Thank you! I'm glad I'm able to share that with you; music is so awesome!

      Yeah, I've often heard that, often, the first story one writes isn't publishable; but I'm really in love with Low Expectations, so I think I'll be on my deathbed and still trying to get it published, lol. There is definitely a lot of rewriting that goes into making your first work a sight that others eyes may see!

      Sorry, I missed the day it was free, but I'll definitely look into that!

  3. Nice photo ... and that's great you're keeping at school, even if you have to do it slower ;) Always love your posts!

    1. Thank you!!! :D Yeah, school's not my favorite thing, but I'm hoping it'll be worth it when I'm done, lol. Thank you so much! :D

  4. Beautiful picture! Congrats on finishing a semester, I'm always impressed when people are working through college. A writing schedule is a good idea, I need to work on that myself.

    1. Aww, thank you, dear!

      I've fallen off the wagon with my writing schedule, but during my break between summer and fall semesters, I'm hoping to develop a schedule I can stick to!

  5. Congrats on being halfway to your associates!! And that Cinderella retelling sounds AMAZING. I love when retellings focus on a different aspect of the story.

    And that's a great photo of you! :D

    1. Thank you!! Aw, thanks!! Yeah, that's my favorite way to see retellings as well: discovering something new, or at least a little different, in a classic telling of a story. Hopefully, it comes across right in these characters!

      Thanks!!! :D

  6. "What you're doing isn't just repetitive, it's building." I NEEDED THAT. Thank you.

    1. You are absolutely welcome; I'm glad it helped you!! Honestly, I 100% needed it myself (and still do!), so that's why I had to write it. :)


  7. Sounds like you’ve got a lot of great things going on! That’s a great word about doing a lot of repetitive things to build into a bigger better thing. I’m really feeling that in this stage of my life as I try to climb higher in the workforce and make my ultimate goal of becoming a full time novelist come true.

    1. Thanks! I've never been in a stage like this for so long, where it doesn't seem like I'm going anywhere, but I know there's a point to the seemingly repetitive things I'm doing. So I guess I needed to write that out.

      Best of luck to you as you work towards your goals!


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