I Overcame by Reaching Out from EWC . Claire seems a really fun person and her words are solid , so inspiring. Plus, those pictures though...

Posts of the Week: 8.25.18 Edition: Reading, Reaching Out, and Living in our Real World

I Overcame by Reaching Out from EWC. Claire seems a really fun person and her words are solid, so inspiring. Plus, those pictures though. She is fierce with that chainsaw, and then so elegant and graceful in the pink dress. It’s an incredible picture (literally) of how we girls can be both at the same time.

On Science, Reading, and Why I’ve Been Getting Into More Nonfiction of Late by Shar. An interesting post on what you can gain from reading, particularly reading outside your field.

The Conundrum of Consequences by Keturah. Very interesting and thought-provoking post on the nature of choices (which is a topic I quite love).

The Comp Title Challenge by Faith. These sound like such fascinating ideas! Personally, I like Wings and Ink Storm best, but they’re all intriguing.

Twenty-Two and Smiling, also by Keturah. This post really encouraged me when I was having a bad week. If you haven’t already, you should read it. I hope it’ll help you as well. :)

Lost My Phone, Discovered How to Buy Cheese, and Embraced the Culture by Rachael. In which she shares her latest adventures from Indonesia! Also, the pic at the top, love that quote.

And that is it for this week! Do you read mostly fiction or nonfiction? (fiction for me, but I think I’ll try to branch out when I have more reading time). Have you ever had to purchase anything in a foreign country? Tell me about your experience! Can’t wait to hear from you, and I will see you in the comment section!

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