I am going to attempt to put aside all fangirl feels and write an actual review. AW, WHO AM I KIDDING. IT'S THE GREATEST SHOWMAN...

Review: The Greatest Showman: It Truly Is The Greatest Show

I am going to attempt to put aside all fangirl feels and write an actual review.


Everything about this movie is beyond perfect! I love the setting, the characters, the songs, the dance numbers! Ah, just everything. The movie is absolutely stunning and ever so gorgeous in every single way.

The story was different than I expected it to be, but even richer and more touching than I had hoped for. Each and every character was significant; even the ones whose only lines were singing background had their own unique flair and personality, and you could feel it in every expression, every sideline interaction, and the power of every movement in the music. Every individual and every moment mattered, quite the feat for a relatively short movie, but incredibly meaningful in a story about celebrating individuality. They hit the target perfectly with that, and the result was something spectacular to hear and powerful to behold.

Fangirling aside, though, the movie also made me think. As I watched, especially during the beginning, I couldn't help but wonder, are people coming to the show to point and stare or to be awed at how beautifully different we all are? If they're coming for the former, is a show like that fair to those in it? In the end, answering that question is kind of what the movie's about, and it really depends on your perspective; you could come to the show for either purpose—and people in the movie did. But as I watched characters who formerly despised themselves grow thoroughly into who they were, as I watched them embrace their own differences and the differences they saw in each other, finally bursting out with “This Is Me,” completely heedless of what others might think or say, the message of the movie became quite clear. To paraphrase a character, “Putting people of all kinds on stage, presenting them as equals, one might even call it a celebration of humanity.”

I really cannot praise this movie enough, but I also can't say any more because anything else would be kind of spoilery. Also, I wouldn't recommend listening to the soundtrack before seeing the movie. I'd only heard “The Greatest Show,” “Rewrite the Stars,” and “This is Me,” and those are pretty spoiler-free. But any other song will give you a vital part of the story and, in my opinion, take away from seeing that part in theaters. So, yeah. If you want to listen to those three, do so, realize the movie is going to be even more awesome than those songs suggest, then go see the whole thing AND COME BACK AND FANGIRL WITH ME.

Because, seriously, I need this.

So, have you seen the movie? What's your favorite musical (did you notice that The Greatest Showman is my new fave)? Can't wait to hear from you, and I'll see you in the comment section!

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  1. Such a wonderful movie. I love it so, so much. I think Tightrope is my favorite song right now (it’s so underrated, which saddens me) but HOLY COW I LOVED THIS MOVIE.

    I went into it with no expectations and walked out wondering when I could go again. It was that good. And I never, ever see movies more than once at the theater. <3333333

    1. I went back and listened to Tightrope, AND YOU ARE SO RIGHT! That song is incredible. Aw, the whole movie... just. WOW. All of it just wows me.

      I had the highest expectations, lol, but even those were exceeded! And I left wanting to turn right back around and watch it again! I've only seen one movie more than once in theaters (Age of Ultron), but if given the chance, I'd absolutely see The Greatest Showman again!

  2. That was how I felt reviewing the new Star Wars!
    It sounds awesome, I will definitely be back when I see it!
    Nice review, I like that you avoided spoilers, I have a hard time with that.

    1. Ooh, that's awesome! Movies that make you feel like this are just the best!

      Yes! Can't wait to hear what you think. :)

      Thank you! It's just different reviewing styles, really, but I just try to focus on what I felt and only give general examples of what made me feel that way. I try to avoid specifics and just give enough info that people will want to read/watch what I'm reviewing, but still not quite know what they're getting into.

  3. I guess this is a must-see! I loved the gifs, so I imagine the dancing is really something to see.


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