A Crash Course in Culture by Taylor Bennett . A fun little post, in which she has one of her characters, a native Hawaiian, take over her ...

POTW 12.2.17 Edition: Christian Love in Life and in Books + Some Interesting Writing Tips

A Crash Course in Culture by Taylor Bennett. A fun little post, in which she has one of her characters, a native Hawaiian, take over her blog for a little while. If you’re planning on writing about Hawaii, or you're just interested in the culture, this is a really cool post.

What to Do When You’re Afraid Your Book is Preachy from GTW. This post is absolutely brilliant. If you’re writing anything with a message in mind, even if it isn’t Christian, read this.

An Open Letter to the LGBT Community by Faith. So, this is obviously controversial, but I think it’s also important enough that it needs to be shared. It’s exactly the kind of message we Christians need to be giving on this issue, and it’s simply not getting out enough. If you care to comment, though, do keep it civil, because I will delete any rude comments on my blog.

Sweet Saturday Sayings by Moriah Simonowich. All of these are lovely and so encouraging. :)

Why You Need to Step Away from Your Manuscript from GTW. Fantastic tips. I’ve had to do this before with my manuscript and it really does make an amazing difference.

A Prayer for Penang, Malaysia by Talya. Another post from my small group leader as she continues on her World Race journey! Really beautiful, and hope you can pray for and support her. :)

Hope you all enjoyed the posts! Have you ever written in an uncommon setting (meaning not continental US, haha)? Have you ever had to step away from your manuscript? What’d you do in the meantime? Can’t wait to hear from you, and I will see you in the comment section!

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  1. Thanks for sharing my post, Alexa :) And GTW’s posts have been terrific lately.

  2. I guess technically, I've written in an uncommon setting (Ireland) but I would really like to write in a non-western setting one day.

    Stepping away from my manuscript? (when it comes to laziness, I do xD)

    1. Ooh, that's cool! I've always thought Ireland seemed lovely.



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