So, guess who finally saw a movie within a reasonable amount of time after it came out! a via GIPHY While not my favorite superhe...

Melodic Mondays: No Man’s Land from the Wonder Woman Soundtrack

So, guess who finally saw a movie within a reasonable amount of time after it came out!

While not my favorite superhero movie, Wonder Woman was super epic (to be expanded on later this week 😉) and the soundtrack just reminds me of all the moments that I loved. Particularly this song. I don’t want to give spoilers, since this is one of the only times I’ve seen a movie this close to the release date and I like to think I’m not the only who’s behind the times. 😉 But, except for the beginning, this sequence and its aftermath were my favorite parts of the movie.

Have you seen Wonder Woman? What’d you think? What do you listen to when you need your characters to feel epic? Can’t wait to hear from you, and I’ll see you in the comment section!

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  1. That was a truly epic scene. I loved it so much :)

  2. I haven't seen Wonder Woman and am not sure that I will, but I do appreciate this piece! It felt very aspiring. :)

  3. I saw "Wonder Woman" close to the release date as well! I've done that more this last year, but oftentimes I'm the one watching things 1-2 years later, if not more.

    I loved the movie, though! I was kind of uncomfortable about the whole gods thing and was definitely uncomfortable when shown an almost-nude character with almost no warning, but I loved everything else! Steve Trevor was probably my favorite character, and I loved his willingness to sacrifice!

  4. I haven't seen it yet! I will soon hopefully.


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