Hello peoples! *waves* Sorry I don’t have time for a witty (no, they’re not really witty... Silly maybe? slightly amusing? whatever) introd...

Posts of the Week: 4.10.16-4.16.16

Hello peoples! *waves* Sorry I don’t have time for a witty (no, they’re not really witty... Silly maybe? slightly amusing? whatever) introduction. I’m off in *checks clocks* ten minutes to see one of my best friend’s high school play.

So on to the posts!

The Game of Shanti Love This And Death by Shanti (obviously). I was a bit skeptical about this book after reading a poor review, but thanks to Shanti’s post, I am desperate to get my hands on it. Read the post--it in and of itself is fantastic--then read the book and tell me if you love it as much as she did. Meanwhile, I’m trying to get myself a copy.

Thursentary: Black History Roundup by Heather. I actually haven’t read any of the books she mentions here (though we all know I listen to Hamilton probably too much), but I thought it was really cool of her to do a post like this, and I’m definitely going to try to read most of these books now.

Legacy by Koko. In which she once again just fantastically inspires me to live more for God. This one is about using faith instead of fear and trusting Him to guide the gifts He's given you.

Delectable Collections by Liz. More books! I’m not really sure how I ended up sharing this many. Maybe since my TBR exploded, I just wanted all of my followers’ to do so as well.

When Books Become Bridges by Mariella. This post is beautiful and it really reminds me of Inkheart, how Mo said that books get “fatter” when you’ve read them several times. “As if something were left between the pages every time you read it.”

The Prayer of A Busy Young Man by Chard. I really related to this because sometimes I get so caught up in doing everything that I forget to take a rest. For me, taking a rest is in a way an act of bravery, not so much because of other people, but my own unrealistic expectations for myself.

Camp Nano Update #1 by Aimee. A+ gif usage, though. And her story sounds super cool.

Well, that’s it for this week (also, I now only have three minutes). Which books are you most interested in adding to your TBR? Does taking a rest feel like an act of bravery sometimes? What’s a book you’ve taken so many places that you feel like it practically carries your memories inside? Can’t wait to hear from you all!

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  1. Oh gosh now I have 200000 tabs open :P I love these kinds of posts, they really spread love throughout the blogosphere. Thank you for sharing Alexa!


  2. Oooh, which play did you go see? :D :D I am so behind on blogging so I have not read most of these, but thank you for including mine! I was a little nervous about posting that one, so, I'm glad it has inspired you to read the books. They are good. :) (Although some of them are like text-booky so I leave that to your discretion. XD)

    1. My Fair Lady. It was my first time seeing it, but I thought they did a fantastic job!

      Haha, I totally understand. And you're welcome. :) Like I said, I thought it was really cool that you decided to share those, so I'm sharing them. :)


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