So I noticed the other day that it mentions “movies” in my blog description, yet I haven’t talked about a movie in months. Mostly because I...

Movie Review: Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

So I noticed the other day that it mentions “movies” in my blog description, yet I haven’t talked about a movie in months. Mostly because I wasn’t watching that many.

But anywho, I decided to rectify that by writing a review of Night at the Museum 3.

Description: When the exhibits at the Natural History Museum go crazy, Larry Daley has to find out why. He learns that Ahkmenrah’s tablet, the source of the exhibits’ magical life, is decaying, and even Ahk doesn’t know why. Only his father, the Pharaoh Merenkahre, might know how to fix it. So Larry, his son, and a host of their museum friends must travel to the British Museum, find Ahkmenrah’s father, and learn the secret of the tablet. If they fail, the magic ends. Forever.

Review: I really enjoyed this movie. I’ve loved the Night at the Museum franchise since the beginning, but often, when Hollywood gets into sequels and spinoffs, things start to spin out of control. This movie didn’t disappoint, though. I wouldn’t say it’s as good as the first NatM, but I do think it was better than the second one. The storyline was fun, exciting, and chock full of the humor we’ve come to expect from the series. There were as many moments of wonderful suspense as Rick-Riordan-level laugh out louds. Which is my kind of movie. If you can make me cheer for the action and choke on my chuckles at the same time, I’m probably hooked.

The characters were a lot of fun, too. Not my favorites ever, and not the kind I’d spend days fangirling about, but they were pretty cool. Almost all the old people came back, as well as several additions, like Nicky’s new actor. His appearance shocked me at first because I didn’t realize it’d been that long since the last movie. Maybe I just wasn’t paying attention, but I’d assumed that Battle of the Smithsonian and Secret of the Tomb were only a year or two apart by the characters’ timeline. So when this freckle-faced teen showed up rather than the curly-headed kid I was used to seeing, I was, admittedly, a bit surprised.

Ultimately though, he did a great job, perfectly capturing the awkwardness and style of today’s teens. Once I got used to his not being the same actor, I really enjoyed the performance.

Of course, most of the returning actors are pretty famous, like near the greats, if not already one of them. And their acting was, well, great. What else would it be?

Although, it is sad that this is the last on-screen role for Robin Williams. And the way they edited the movie, it almost seemed like they knew. Don’t wanna give spoilers, but some of things that were said and the way the movie ended, almost made it seem like we were saying goodbye to Teddy/Robin. Which was brilliant in a heartrending kind of way.


Overall, I give the third Night at the Museum four Ancient Egyptian Tablets out of five for hilarity, fun, and general coolness.

Have you seen this movie or any of the Night at the Museums? What did you think of them? 

Bonus question: what would you do if you found an Ancient Egyptian Tablet that could animate inanimate objects? I’d probably see if it could give life to my favorite fictional characters, then throw wild parties with the Star Wars gang, the Tiger’s Curse people, every demigod in Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus, and all my peers from The Safe Lands.

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  1. I've seen the first movie and liked it :)

    Why is this his last movie?

    I would want to.bring my fave book people alive...but then maybe not. A lot might happen bad, and it wasn't meant to be..I think I'd not use it after all :)

    1. Well... because he died a couple months back.

      That's true. But I'd probably give it a go anyway, because I wouldn't have thought of that, lol.

  2. I think we'll get this one when it comes out and have a family movie night.

    All your peers from the Safe Lands. Love it! I might do the same thing.

    1. Great idea! Little note I forgot to mention in the review: there is some language, but it wasn't that much.

      Haha, glad I'm not the only one! :D


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